Monday, October 17, 2005

Scooter World

Well I have come back to talk more about scooters and introduce myself and scootertronics to all interested in saving much gas while still enjoying some kind of life with the out of control gas prices. At Scootertonics you will find many gas saving scooters from 49.5cc to 150cc that have tons of power and amazing style and looks that kill. With the intoduction of Verucci scooters to the escootertronics line up we have really given a choice to everyone who needs to keep up with traffic and get to work in a timely fashion plus safe and sound. So many scooters today just do not have the power to keep up with traffic today like an 150cc Verucci 150GTX offered by scootertronics with free shipping. Along with the Verucci models scootertronics has added the Classic Euro Retro GT with the classic Vespa look plus alot more power than the Vespa with only a 49.5cc motor, we have upgraded the motor on the Classic Euro Retro to a more powerful hill climbing two rider experience. We have allowed all to add comments to our blogg but please keep them relivetive to scooter in general. Thanks


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