Monday, October 17, 2005

Verucci 150GTX

By now we all have been hit hard with the gas crunch with some of us looking for new ways to save gas. Its know throughout states that the day after Katrina hit gas rose 45 cents a gallon across the country hitting the east coast the hardest. The south escapes some of the high rising gas prices but not by much, there is an alternative in scooters that would be a great help to most plus save us all gas and bring the price down plus keep traffic at bay in the larger cities. Some Washington DC residents have already purchase scooters from scootertronics taking advantage of the ready to ride delivery. The Verucci 150GTX pictured here is a great way to get around and gets 60-80mpg in city driving. With plenty of storage and safety features like lighted turn signals in mirrors to tell on coming traffic you are turning so they can make way for you and your scooter. Keep in mind you still need to take care of your scooter and with more and more out there more places are popping up to service them, the advantage of the Verucci 150GTX is that its four stroke motor just needs the same care as your car regular oil changes a spark plug once a year plus this is all easily done in your spare time. Finding a good dealer on the web is just like any other product you search for, if you can't get a hold of them through email or better yet the good old phone this would not be a good thing, with scootertronics 800 number it s easy as dialing 800.743.8702 and getting the info you need.


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