Friday, November 11, 2005

Blogg Promo

Since I dicovered bloggs I have found a new world out there and its not too scary, seems like more of the world is opening up with places like Blogger and Blog Advance but it makes no difference if you blog with a small business or for the hope of not having everyday end up like this broken record that keeps most going in one way or other

You ever notice the unending hope that worker bees have?
“Things are gonna get better.”
“This year I’ll get the raise I deserve.”
“I think my boss will change, just give him time…”
“This time things are gonna be different.”
“I’ll get this promotion and then I’ll actually enjoy my job.”
Is it fear or just stupidity?
It’s not gonna change.
It’s not gonna get better.
And more money isn’t gonna solve that problem.
The problem’s in your gut.
You know this isn’t the life you should be living.
There’s a better way.

I get more from solo tess than anywhere because its right down my alley and they pay respect to the blogger who is a small business owner.


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