Thursday, November 10, 2005

Can't Keepem Down

Scooters are an increasingly popular way to zip around town to do errands, make parking a snap, and cut down on fuel costs.
· Want to make a fashion statement ride a scooter, even large companies are using TV ads showing a pretty girl ridding a pink scooter wearing a pink helmet with scarf blowing in the wind to peddle their wares with scooter appeal.
· Forever being popular in cites in Europe, Asia, and Latin America they are smaller and easier to use than their motorcycle cousins, and have long been popular in cities in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.
· But lately, the economics of scootering has helped them gain fans here in the U.S. With a final bill that won't exceed most credit-card limits, a scooter makes a great substitute for a spare vehicle for errands. That's why sales are soaring in urban hot spots such as Miami and New York as well as in the suburbs. These cities are setting the pace along with Seattle with huge parking problems and its urban generation adding to a real scooter fad.
· With a basic operation of twist and go plus brakes like a bicycle first time time find the ease of ridding a scooter delightful. Unlike a lot of motorcycles of today scooters have a step through design that allows you to sit upright for all to see.
· Many scooters have built-in storage space under the seat. They also have rear racks, bag hooks and options for more carrying capacity.
· Storage capacity is just one important consideration when deciding on the proper scooter, and there are many models and options on the market.


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