Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Scootertronics News

Looks like things are slowing down a bit before the next big shopping season for the holidays. So I have a little time bring things up to date. With the EPA out lawing two stroke scooters for 2006 and making all scooters comply with with EPA regulations we will not be offering two strokes after December 2005. We except to be sold out before then actually in the next few weeks with taking them completely off our site. We have updated scootertronics so our customers can now purchase helmets without ever leaving the scooter page they are ordering from, a great way for our customers to get everything they need with one or two clicks of the mouse.

With traffic decreasing this time of year it gives us a chance to make these improvements to our site plus restock for 2006. Since we like to evaluate all our scooters for performance and reliabilty having great sucess with our 150cc scooters this year we will contine to offer the Verucci 150cc models in 2006.

We get a great deal of calls from customers needing to service thier scooters and perform regular maintanence we will also continue to offer a manual for four stroke scooters and kits for changing fulids and spark plugs adding a multimeter to this kit was asked for so we came through on this request.


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