Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Kinetic showcases Italian-designed scooters at auto expo

Two-wheeler manufacturer Kinetic Motor said on Tuesday that it unveiled two new scooters 'Millennium' and 'Euro' at the Italian Auto expo. "Millennium and Euro are two of the seven breakthrough Italian-designed scooters for which Kinetic has acquired complete global production and marketing rights," the company said in a statement in New Delhi.
"These are popular and established scooters with world-standard design and specifications; and at Indian manufacturing prices, they could very well turn the whole global two-wheeler market on its head," it said.

Scooters are very popular in European countries and several new European distributors have come on board to market Kinetic scooters, it said.
Kinetic also displayed its scooter 'Nova' and motorcycle 'GF125', both of which have homologated for Europe and North America and exported there along with several other countries.


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