Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Saving Gas with Scooters

Seems if the talk of the town certainly has been ways to save gas with ridding scooters so much its just shows up in all papers every like Jackson Hole where ever that is plus people talking about to be a second car just doing a general search will bring up so many articles that one must take notice.

Fox in the carolinas is getting on the band wagon also. So it will pay to read these and consider how you would like to save. The holiday season is coming up and that means shopping with some already starting, so I have decided that people can buy now and we will ship later so they do not have to save and hide for xmas if I could only find a way to store stuff in peoples towns so they can safely shop now then go to a storage place that maybe has even wrapped their gifts and pick them up right at the time them need to place under the tree, I think this is a great ideal that I just mighttry someday.

Guide to Buying Scooters Online
As you search the internet for gas saving motor scooters you will want to find out as much as you can about the different makes and models offered. You can pick an under 50cc gas scooter that does not have to be tagged in all states or a powerful 150cc scooter that will give you the speed and power to ride two. If using your scooter to ride on roads where the speed limit is 50mph you will want one that goes that fast to keep up with traffic. For cruising the neighborhood you can go with a 49.5cc gas scooter that is DOT approved and will cruise at speeds up to 40mph to get around your neighborhood plus short trips to the local store. For these trips make sure you get a scooter with storage for your shopping. When you‘re looking to buy scooters online, you’ll want to compare brands, prices and read what users have said. One of the most positive resources for this is the Geely Scooter Group on Yahoo. Find info on scooters and dealers from real customers. There’s nothing as fun as the wind in your face and the smooth acceleration of a gas powered scooter.
Before You Buy a Scooter
Before you buy a scooter, make sure that you can register the scooter in your state. Different states have different laws regarding the operation of scooters. Before you buy a scooter, note that it is unlawful to operate a scooter on most highways. Since scooters have top speeds of around 50 MPH, the law usually forbids them on interstate highways. And please, regardless of the laws in your state, wear a helmet. While it’s true that the feeling of the wind in your hair is a great thing, the risk associated with that feeling is far too dangerous.
You can find scooters on the internet offered by many dealers such as scootertronics which offers over 35 different models from up to four makes. So get out there and choose you 50cc to 150cc scooter today and start enjoying the freedom a scooter brings plus the gas savings you will receive from ridding your new scooter.